Welcome to Poesje’s site.

Poesje is my cat and I know anyone would say this about their current pet, but she’s the best cat ever! … Damn, I feel six years old again, saying stuff like that, but let me explain.

Twelve years ago, I wasn’t in a very good state of mind. My motto at the time was “Life sucks, let’s do something else.”, and the implications behind such a motto were all very real. I was sick of life and wanted to get out. I’m not going to go into the whole story as to why and how, since that’s not the point of this, but it’s to give you an idea of what state of mind I was in, and like I said: it wasn’t a very good one.
One day I went with my father to pick up his girl, and when we arrived was told he had given her a little kitten, which had peed on the balcony, and which she thus didn’t want anymore. They gave me this little ball of fur in my hands and when that little creature caressed herself in them, I immediately was sold. The answer was quickly given when they then asked me: She was now my cat and I would protect and care for her for as long as I could. This and only this has kept me going through a hard time where i wouldn’t have gone through if it wasn’t for her, and eventually I got through it, and started my way back up to where I am now, and it’s actually all thanks to her.

Then, about five years ago, I had a fire in my home while I was asleep. The room had filled with smoke already to a point you even couldn’t see the windows (where a bright summer sun was shining through) anymore. I remember waking up from Poesje mewing loudly, and when I opened my eyes, they were hurting from the smoke, but I just figured it was because I was still tired. I looked at the clock and barely saw that I still had time left before I needed to get up, so I closed my already squinting eyes again and went back to sleep.
I woke up again, about fifteen minutes later, again from loud mewing right somewhere next to me. As it’s the second time, I suddenly worried something was wrong with Poesje, so I opened my eyes again, squinted towards the clock because they were hurting even more, and felt like I needed to cough, so I coughed… As I coughed I saw smoke coming from my mouth, as if I had just inhaled from a cigarette and this made me confused. Was I smoking? Am I not in my bed like I think I am? The mewing started again, and I looked around the room, only to see nothing but gray. When I looked towards the windows, the gray just became slightly blueish, but nothing much really. I coughed again, but this time it hurt. My eyes were also still hurting and it hit me. I was in a fire, I needed to find Poesje and get out. By that time the mewing had stopped and I admit, although not the smart thing to do, I tried to go towards the source of the smoke several times, because I didn’t know where Poesje was and I needed to get her out. Every time I tried however, I couldn’t get far before my eyes hurt like hell, I couldn’t breath, because it hurt my longs, throat and even nose to a sensation that they were actually on fire. And after trying 3 or 4 times, I suddenly realized that if it was burning long enough, I could just as well be walking straight into the fire itself, or fall through burning floor, and I wouldn’t even be able to see it because I’d have my eyes closed while holding my breath…
I then returned to the window, because I felt like I was dieing (and I probably was at that time), closing the door on my way there. I opened the window to get fresh air in my longs, then looked for my cellphone in the gray mist of nothingness, and when I found it called the emergency number. Luckily the fire department and hospital are both here just right behind the corner, so they were here in 10 minutes or so, and by that time the neighbors were already planning to catch me with something so I would be able to jump if I had to. I just said I wouldn’t jump before I knew where my cat was. I wasn’t going to leave her in a burning building. She had just saved my life a second time, so…Eventually the fire department got up to the window with their wagon, and I had to come out. I begged him to help me look for my cat, but he insisted on getting me out first, which just felt terrible. All the way down, into the carry-bed, into the ambulance and all I was saying was: “Where’s Poesje?”, “Go get Poesje!”. They just continued and ignored me. My father however had insisted a remaining fireman who had asked if anyone else was inside, that he’d go up and get my cat. He went inside, and found her underneath the bed, left her there again and went back to my father to ask if he could come along because he was afraid she would scratch him. By the time my father got back up with the fireman, she was already unconscious with white foam on her mouth. My father took Poesje to his place and put her on a chair with a pillow. Only when she woke up and started to walk around and eat again my mother told me she was fine. They were afraid to tell me that she wasn’t, so hadn’t said anything to me about her until she was back up. I then asked and eventually insisted to be released from the hospital because I wanted to check on her, and anything they told me that could still happen to me (so I would stay for observation) only made me think that these things could also still happen to Poesje too, who had smaller lungs and had been in the smoke longer than I had. Luckily we were both fine.

Last year she suddenly had an infection on her eyeball, which made it suddenly fill with blood and swell up. I noticed she hadn’t moved from a certain spot in my house since morning, so when I went to say something to her, I noticed her eye. It was eleven PM, so I couldn’t do anything about it then, and I hoped it was something that would heal itself. While I was with her, she didn’t move much, and stayed in the position I had put her on my lap. After spending some time with her, I went to sleep and the next morning I woke up just in time to get ready and leave for work. I hurried through getting ready, then saw Poesje, still on that same spot on the couch. This wasn’t normal,… I went to her and took her on my lap. She didn’t move, like she didn’t want to move, held herself a bit stiff even. I put her on a soft spot on the couch, made her comfortable and left for work, still worried… When I came back home, she was still in that very same spot, hadn’t moved an inch. I took her and we went to the vet, who told me she would probably lose her eye, or in best case would be blind through it anyway. He also told me that if I hadn’t come at that time, she would probably have died in the next few days. He gave her antibiotics and put her to sleep. We then had to drip some kind of eye-drops into her eye every six hours, which was painful to watch when she was down (because she just looked dead) and became almost impossible after she woke up, but eventually she healed better than expected, still has her eye and sight, and all that remains is just a tiny spot of red somewhere in the corner of her eye.

So Poesje saved my life at least two times, and I have been able to return her the favor. This makes her the most special cat I have ever known and thus a dedication for her here. She already has a fan-page on Facebook, of course!

Update: August 30 (2017) Poesje has fallen ill! After examination, it appears that she has an internal infection, which can only be removed by operation. Apparently she also has a high heartbeat and some noise with it, which means she is unstable for narcose, so she may never wake up if they put her to sleep. The surgery will cost a lot of money, and chances are I may lose her anyway.

I am broken inside… :'(

I never ever beg for money, I hate the idea even. I believe one should earn his money, because we all have to and if one doesn’t, why should the rest. Total fairness and all that, but I’d break any rule for Poesje, so for once (and not in plane sight or as ransom for functionality), if you find it in your heart to support Poesje through this, please consider donating, instead of claiming. She could really use all help she can get and all earnings on our donation account (including anything already on it) will only and fully go towards saving Poesje. Should anything remain afterwards, it will be spend on Poesje’s recovery.

May she recover and live forever!